Portland, OR - November 11, 2019 - Eric Taussig, Prialto’s founder, joined Kyle Gorman on the latest episode of the Employer Blueprint Podcast to share how he has created a unique work environment that empowers employees to provide high-quality service to clients.

The Employer Blueprint Podcast, hosted by entrepreneur and leadership coach Kyle Gorman, provides guidance to business owners and executives on how to effectively build teams and a strong organization. 

With teams in Portland, Manila and Guatemala City, Eric chatted with Kyle about Prialto’s approach to embedding the company culture into the services the business provides. By keeping employee engagement high, team members are more likely to succeed and deliver better service. 

“This is something that I am personally super passionate about and my leadership team is, as well. We really like the Daniel Pink framework. For somebody to be driven at work they need purpose, mastery and autonomy,” Eric said. “At the same time, we have our tentacles in different work environments...We are sensitive to kind of retrofitting into the different environments [we work in].”

Eric explains how Prialto’s culture has been carefully designed to embrace learning and growth in order to ensure every team member has the skills and knowledge they need to thrive. 

“We give [our assistants] a lot of upfront training, ongoing training and a cohort of people that they can ask questions to and interact with.”

Eric’s Employer Blueprint Podcast episode is available on all podcast listening platforms.

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