Portland, OR - June 22, 2020 - Prialto announced today its approval as a HomeServices of America (HSoA) corporate vendor for real estate virtual assistance services. The company also announced the kick-off of its initial partnership with HomeServices of Nebraska.

HomeServices of Nebraska (HSoN), a large HSoA affiliate, worked with Prialto to create a customized virtual assistance program for their agents. HSoN chose to partner with Prialto due to its extensive knowledge of real estate processes and technologies, in addition to Prialto’s national partnership with Compass Real Estate.

Prialto’s Vice President of Business Development Andrew Miller said the “pilot group of HSoN agents will launch in June and July, with a focus on sales and marketing support. After these initial processes are perfected, we’ll extend the service to cover transaction support.”

Part of Prialto’s standard kick-off process with all clients involves a systematic pilot period to perfect the processes being offloaded to Prialto’s assistants. In the case of HSoN, there are an initial batch of agents participating in the pilot, and a second batch ready to on-board on the heels of the pilot.   

HSoA is one of the largest full service residential real estate brokerages in the U.S., and Prialto expects to expand its partnership program with other major regional affiliates during the second half of 2020 and 2021. As an approved HSoA vendor, all brokerages across the U.S. are eligible to leverage Prialto’s virtual assistants. 

“My team and I are excited to begin working with HSoA. This is a great opportunity for us to begin building our relationship with this prestigious real estate brokerage, starting with one of their large affiliates in the mid-west. We are looking forward to providing top-quality administrative and marketing support to their top agents,” said Miller.