Leading With Conscious Capitalism

By Eric Taussig | Updated: 16 Feb, 2023

Soyini Coke is the Founder and Principal Consultant at Annona Enterprises, a strategic advisory firm that serves businesses with annual revenues under $100M. Each week, she interviews successful mid-market CEOs as the host of CEO Exclusive Radio to gain insight into emerging trends in their industry or area of expertise.

Soyini is also the host of Capitalism Done Right, where she interviews inspiring executives about their journeys as conscious capitalists. She began her career as a business analyst at McKinsey after graduating cum laude from Harvard University in 1998 with a Bachelor of Arts in applied mathematics and economics.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Soyini Coke talks about Capitalism Done Right and CEO Exclusive Radio
  • What is conscious capitalism? 
  • Leading with conscious capitalism and following business principles 
  • Impact of regulated greed on business owners
  • Soyini explains how other CEOs are finding purpose in their businesses 
  • What led Soyini to value conscious capitalism?
  • Use case of conscious capitalism

In this episode…

Leadership is the most fundamental element in the success of a business. Traditional leadership is inadequate in today's rapidly changing business environment. It is time to explore better ways to run a company successfully. So, what is this new way of leading a company? 

Many business leaders start a business but reach a particular point and stagnate. To avoid this, leaders need to adopt a new approach to business: conscious capitalism. This approach helps them focus on building a business that benefits everybody, not just the economic shareholders but also employees, vendors, the community, and the environment, allowing companies to thrive and reach new heights.

In this episode of Amplify People, Eric Taussig sits down with Soyini Coke, Founder and Principal Consultant at Annona Enterprises. Soyini talks about hosting Capitalism Done Right and CEO Exclusive Radio, conscious capitalism, why fixing capitalism in a business is crucial, and how other CEOs find purpose in their businesses.

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