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Prialto Can Be Your Sales Assistant

Grow your business by providing more time for sales opportunities.

Get Back To Selling

A virtual administrative assistant who actually helps you close more sales

More sales, less admin

Our virtual assistants are experts at supporting busy sales executives like you so you can focus on what drives the most value: selling!

Perfect visibility with consistently updated crm

Every Prialto virtual executive assistant is a CRM guru who keeps your CRM fully updated throughout the entire sales cycle. You never have to deal with data entry.

Relentless follow-through

Your virtual administrative assistant drives the sales processes that make you and your team successful

Talking to a prospect delivers the greatest value. Our virtual assistants get the admin out of your way!

sales executives need to...

  • Maximize time spent with prospects
  • Maintain perfect visibility into pipeline activities
  • Delegate time consuming admin work like travel, expenses, and scheduling

our virtual Assistants will...

  • Drive post meeting follow-up on your behalf such as sending contextually relevant emails and scheduling the next meeting 
  • Ensure your CRM is 100% up-to-date with new contact and opportunity information

our virtual assistants can...

  • Provide you with more time for selling
  • Perfectly prepare you for prospect meetings
  • Help you update your manager and team

A Prialto Assistant Is Also Your

The Basics

Prialto Virtual Assistants come equipped to support you on day one



Hire a virtual assistant to eliminate email ping pong, and secure the hard to get meetings with polite but relentless persistence

CRM Management

A virtual administrative assistant will make sure your data is organized to provide key insights and enhance decision-making 

Travel Management

The best virtual assistant services go beyond booking static itineraries by troubleshooting travel bottlenecks and maximizing your time with in-market contacts

Expense Management

Stop digging for receipts. A virtual administrative assistant can get your reports submitted on time, every time

Outbound Calling

Our virtual assistants are experts at getting past gatekeepers to lock down coveted meetings, set conference calls, ensure the right atmosphere at client meetings, and more


The best virtual assistant services know how to find conferences, locate and present key account information, prospect research and outreach, and more. Put us to the test today!

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