Get more done with a better Virtual Sales Assistant

How we boost productivity for Sales Professionals

Your Problem:

The average sales executive spends less than 40% of their time actually selling, because they're inundated with admin work.

Our Solution:

Not just an average virtual sales assistant who you can offload ongoing tasks to. Prialto's Professional Admin support ensures your tasks are done strategically and with care. We understand your habits and will make sure to keep time for your 3pm coffee break.

Improve Call Rates

Unlike traditional virtual assistants who might call once and move on, Prialto's Professional Admin support consistently follows up with leads to ensure no qualified prospect slips through the cracks

Leverage CRM Pipeline Insights

By keeping your CRM updated, Prialto's Professional Admin support enables you to leverage accurate insights from your pipeline reports

Maximize Sales Productivity

Dedicate 100% of sales time to engaging with prospects and strategic activities by offloading repetitive tasks

Ways We Can Support You

Our service is fully customized to meet your needs. However, over the years, we’ve carefully refined the following core processes that most of the sales executives we work with utilize.

CRM Management

No time to log everything in your CRM? No worries; your virtual assistant will do it for you


Never file an expense report again. Simply send your virtual assistant your receipts and they’ll take care the rest

Miscellaneous Admin

From data entry to research, you can offload all your tedious admin tasks to your virtual assistant

Outreach Support

Save time by letting your virtual assistant manage your email campaigns and follow-ups

Prospect Research

Stop wasting time looking for contact info. Your virtual assistant will keep your database full of fresh prospects

Calendar Management

Maximize your time spent selling by having your virtual assistant manage your calendar and seek out nearby meeting opportunities

A Few of the Tools We Use

We’ll help you leverage your technology. Use a tool that’s not listed here? Chances are, we’ve used it too. If not, we’ll work with you to quickly get your assistant up to speed.

Our Best Practices

Here at Prialto we’ve used our decades of collective business experience to develop a collection of best practices that drive all of our interactions. Here are just a few of the ways we’ll ensure you get exceptional service.

Consistently Follow Up with Contacts

Surveys show that it takes an average of five follow-ups to re-engage the average prospect in the sales process. However, it’s difficult to keep track of all your touchpoints and remember when to follow up next.

That’s where you’re virtual assistant comes in. They’ll track all your interactions, send you reminders, and secure meetings with prospects.

Keep Your CRM Up-to-Date

Your CRM is only as valuable as the data that’s in it. That’s why your virtual assistant will work diligently to keep it fully up-to-date. As part of our best practices, virtual assistant's will fill in all missing information and log every interaction without being asked. If you explain what information you’re looking for, they’ll also run reports, manage campaigns, and complete other tasks.

Maximize Your Sales Time

Your assistant will help you close more deals by maximizing the time you spend engaging with prospects. The main way they do this is by saving you countless hours of admin work. They’ll also proactively support you by:

  • Finding additional meeting opportunities when you’re traveling
  • Scheduling meetings at optimal times and locations
  • And much more; just ask your Engagement Manager for additional ways to leverage your assistant

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