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Social Mission

Lighting up our communities

Continuous Learning 

In the countries from which we provide virtual assistant services, Prialto’s style of outsourcing is at the leading edge of the industry.

That's because we aren’t just looking for people in seats to answer customer support lines. Instead, we hire and train employees who receive continuous learning in many business processes and high tech tools.

We offer meaningful work supporting North American executives, and a clear path for advancement. Working for Prialto builds marketable international business skills, which are necessary for developing any modern career.

Continuous Giving

We want Prialto’s service to matter on all levels, so we've implemented a process of “continuous giving.”

Studies show the act of giving fosters purpose and happiness. At certain milestones with our clients, Prialto donates to organizations chosen by the people who work in our offices. The donations go to causes close to our hearts.

Whether it is providing light to people without electricity in Manila or textbooks to children in Guatemala, Prialto loves supporting organizations that improve the communities from which we provide service. 

Our commitment to authenticity precludes us from pretending that our funds will massively change societies. This is simply our small contribution to fostering the connections and spirit of giving that are necessary for a healthy global economy. 

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