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Meet our team


We are business process junkies and cross-border professionals.

We get excited about supercharging your work productivity!


Founder & CEO

Eric worked in professional services and operations roles in New York, Hong Kong, and Silicon Valley before founding Prialto.

Favorite productivity tool:
My Prialto PA and team! They keep me networked and moving forward.


Chief Revenue Officer

Andrew is a sales leader with over 20 years of experience in professional services. He has worked in strategic and executive roles with Fortune 1000 companies and startups alike.

Favorite productivity tool: 
tightly organized calendar and fresh air!


Director of Operations

Kyle's business experience in pre- and post-IPO startups ranges from sales and merchant services to project management and global operations. He is an accomplished communicator who enjoys acting as a bridge between people in order to effectively execute on projects.

Favorite productivity tool:


Engagement Manager

Fredi has over a decade of management and customer service experience. He combines his passions for workplace productivity and cross-border collaboration through volunteer work for non-profits (he helped develop custom, immigration-based CRM). Fredi delivers exceptional, results-driven service.

Favorite productivity tool: 
Walking meetings


Engagement Manager

Justin is a client services professional whose focused on effectively improving processes, and helping clients and companies break new ground. His operational insight has been shaped by over 10 years in user experience and cross-border operations.  

Favorite productivity tool: 

Virginia Tat

Engagement Manager

Virginia comes from a client service background, and is experienced in project management, offshore business communications, and improving business processes. She holds a BS in Accounting and Marketing, with an option in International Business.

Favorite productivity tool: 
Google Drive



Marketing Manager

Emily is a marketer with experience in creating research-driven content for a variety of online businesses. She has a degree in Business Management and Leadership with a focus on corporate social responsibility.

Favorite productivity tool:



Country Manager

Bret majored in International Business and minored in Counseling Psychology. He holds a Green Belt certification in Lean Six Sigma, which gives him a well-rounded understanding of an executive's business and personal needs.

Favorite productivity tool: 


Country Manager

Mark leads Prialto's Manila Center, where he brings over ten years of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) experience from the United States and the Philippines to his leadership role.

Favorite productivity tool:


Monica Avila

Monica earned a degree as an Executive Bilingual Secretary, and has studied abroad in Sweden and Denmark. She enjoys studying Italian, cooking, and diving.

Favorite productivity tool:



Team Lead

Jenny passed the National Nursing Licensing Exam. She likes to spend her time on projects such as digital editing and painting, reading, watching movies, and traveling.

Favorite productivity tool: 
Google Docs


Team Lead

Leslie studied Hotel and Restaurant Management, and has over nine years of experience in the BPO industry working as a travel consultant and billing and sales specialist. She is a bookworm, nail art lover, and enjoys cooking for her family.

Favorite productivity tool: 

Our Global Team

Our team of energetic, tech-savvy virtual assistants pull your business forward.


Adriana has studied and traveled in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and England. She is a paralegal that practices yoga and enjoys cooking.


Marta is currently pursuing a degree in Business Administration. She loves animals and volleyball.


Charisse earned a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts, and is an active member of the Institute of Fine Arts and Design’s Student Council Committee and Independent Film Group. She is a coffee lover and mountain climber.


Dee has an intimate familiarity with the sales process, prospecting, and managing clients in the purchase funnel. She is a productivity hacker as well as a trained nurse. 


Nayeli earned a degree in Information Technology, and is pursuing a Master’s in International Relations. She enjoys reading historical novels about powerful women.


Jun studied Information Technology and was an ESL teacher before joining the BPO industry in 2010. He plays guitar and table tennis.


Luisa won a scholarship for 2D and 3D Animation studies in Tokyo, Japan, where she lived until 2013. She teaches animation classes on the weekends, and enjoys anime, reading comics, and playing video games.


Justine earned a degree in Computer Science and Information Technology. She is an online gamer (League of Legends and Firefall) and horror novel (Stephen King) afficionado.


Leslie studied Hotel and Restaurant Management, and has over nine years of experience in the BPO industry working as a travel consultant and billing and sales specialist. She is a bookworm, nail art lover, and enjoys cooking for her family.


Lillian earned a degree in Tourism and is currently working on her MBA. She has over eighteen years of experience in the administrative services space. She enjoys coordinating weddings.


Anthony was an English teacher and English/Spanish translator, and is currently pursuing a degree in Industrial Psychology. He is a sports fanatic and avid Spanish student.


Sherby earned a degree in International Relations, and worked for the Department of Foreign Affairs in the Office of Strategic Planning and Policy Coordination. She loves contemporary art, music, dance, and literature.


Ronald holds a degree in Business Administration and HR Management He honed his administrative skills as a real estate assistant for commercial properties, and is passionate about basketball and wakeboarding.


MJ has a degree in Nursing, and has been in the BPO industry for over five years. She enjoys reading, watching movies, and trying new recipes.


Marco earned a degree in Political Science. He enjoys volleball, badminton, competitive debating, and singing.


Carol earned a degree in Elementary Education, and is pursuing a Major in Clinical Psychology. She enjoys reading Spanish novels and cooking for her friends.


Alejandra was a translator for the United Nations, has a degree in Interior Design, and enjoys traveling with her husband. 


Alexander is currently majoring in Sports Journalism, and loves to play and watch sports. 


Andrea is currently pursuing a degree in Business Administration focused on Human Resources as well as a diving certification. 


Cilly is currently working toward a degree in International Relations, and enjoys movies, music, and anime.


Emilu is pursuing a degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and is passionate about music, art, and horror movies.


Carlos enjoys boxing, and focuses his professional pursuits on business administration and marketing. 


María has a degree in Business Administration, and loves event planning, new restaurant experiences, and movies.


Abby Gayle earned a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication, and enjoys musical plays/movies, taking artsy photos, drawing, and calligraphy.


Ace excels at customer service and technical support in the BPO industry, and is a volunteer for the LGBT Rights movement and CARA Welfare Philippines (ethical rights of homeless animals). 


AJ earned his Bachelors Degree in Mass Communications, and has held positions as a Risk Management Representative and an Account Executive. He loves video editing and reporting on weddings, parties, and concerts.


Charizz has deep expertise in customer service, financial care, and technical support. She has been an English tutor, and enjoys playing Summoner's War on her phone.


Jacqueline holds a degree in Computer Science, and has specialized in quality assurance and document analysis within the BPO industry for twelve years.


Maricel is a Computer Engineer by trade with deep roots in the customer service industry. She enjoys traveling throughout Southeast Asia. 


Michael is a licensed and registered architect. He enjoys mentoring young professionals, traveling, and exploring the local street food scene.


Marinela holds a degree in Mass Communication, with professional experience in marketing, business administration, and business development. In her free time, she runs a home cooked food delivery service.


Roy holds a degree in Business Administration, and has been in the BPO industry for over seven years. He enjoys playing video games and basketball with his nephew. 


Sharon studied Computer Systems Design and Programming, and has been in the BPO industry for over seven years. She enjoys outdoor activities with her group, Liwaliw Outdoor Club (a member of the Philippine Mountaineering Society).


Oscar was born in Guatemala City, and raised in Chicago where he spent 20 years before moving back to Guatemala City in 2011.Currently, he is finishing his BA Business Administration. His interests include baseball (Cubs fan), football, and hockey.

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