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Prialto’s managed virtual assistant service handles your overflowing inbox so the next notification ping doesn’t divert your focus.

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What Can Prialto Do For You?

Prialto VAs manage your inbox so you don’t get distracted by constant email notifications. Some of our members even describe their VA as a “second me” because they’re so good at anticipating your email needs and finding on-point solutions.

Maintain inbox zero

It’s overwhelming to see your inbox inundated with hundreds of unread emails. It’s understandable that the task of filtering, deleting, and organizing sinks to the bottom of your priority list. 

Prialto VAs can sort through all your unread emails so that inbox zero is a reality, not a fantasy. 

Maintain inbox zero
Keep you accountable

Keep you accountable

Prialto virtual assistants help you follow through on what’s important. Whether writing a response to a new inquiry or following up with recent sales pitches, your VA will keep you on track. 

Your VA can also alert you to urgent emails when they come in, so you never need to worry about dropping the ball on something important.

Build rock-solid inbox systems

Inboxes can get cluttered quickly. While working with our Engagement Managers, Prialto VAs can set up filters, labels, categories, and mini-inboxes to keep your primary inbox clutter-free. 

Rock-solid inbox system
On Call Support

On-call support

Prialto virtual assistants are available during your work hours. Need some urgent help blitzing recent email inquiries? Our VAs are on hand to power through your overflowing inbox. 

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Improve Your Inbox With an Email Management Virtual Assistant

Say goodbye to that irritating urge to check your inbox the second an email comes through. Let your Prialto virtual assistant streamline, organize, and improve your inbox with our tried and tested tactics. 

How to delegate tedious email management 

If you’re like other executives, you spend up to three hours a day on email. That’s 750 hours a year or just over 31 days. 

By outsourcing your inbox management, you’ll gain up to a month in time each year. 

Think of what you could achieve in that time. You could build an app, learn to code, or close more sales. You could even spend more time with your family. 

The choice is yours. 

A managed virtual assistant service like Prialto will give you an Engagement Manager who helps create your inbox management system and train your assistant to use it. 

Plus, they’ll help you offload additional admin tasks like calendar management, CRM management, and data entry. 

Your virtual assistant can facilitate communication between you and your clients, too. 

Here’s how this would look in real life: 

  • New leads or inquiries come in, and your VA prioritizes the order you need to respond. 

  • Your VA identifies promising leads in your inbox, researches them, and schedules regular follow-ups. 

  • A PA can handle your customer support tickets. Responding to all these support requests efficiently is draining for you and your team, so let a VA answer customer questions. 

How to build an email management system

The key to maintaining an organized inbox is to create solid systems. Established systems ensure every email you receive goes to the right place. 

But, building an email management system can seem like just another task on your never-ending to-do list. That’s why it’s best to outsource it to a professional virtual assistant. 

Here’s how to delegate your inbox management system:  

  • Work with our Engagement Manager to figure out your ideal inbox setup. 

  • Provide your VA with clear guidelines on how your inbox should work.

  • Have your assistant sort through 50 emails and check their accuracy.

To get your inbox running like a well-oiled machine, work with an Engagement Manager to determine your best inbox system. You may prefer inbox zero or ultra-precise segmentation and filtering. 

Here’s how your Engagement Manager could streamline your inbox system: 

  • Set up mini-inboxes for client types, projects, campaigns, or topics.

  • Unsubscribe you from newsletters you don’t read.

  • Create filters so you don’t miss any urgent emails.

  • Determine labels and categories for your emails.

  • Archive old email threads.

Once these systems are in place, your EM will train your VA to follow the guidelines and keep your inbox in order. 

How to outsource email response writing  

Staying on top of replying to hundreds of emails is overwhelming. But it’s an essential part of running your business. 

When you can delegate some of your email writing, you’ll find it much easier to focus on high-value tasks. 

Here’s how a managed virtual assistant can help write some of your email responses for you: 

  • Fill in templates for standard requests and emails.

  • Reply with your typical responses to common messages.

  • Flag important messages or emails they’re not sure about for your review.

To make the most of your email management virtual assistant’s support, you must establish the right system for their success. The best way to do this is to work with a Prialto Engagement Manager who will handle the training for you. 

Begin by working with your EM to establish clear email writing guidelines: 

  • Identify typical messages you receive and your usual responses. 

  • Create templates for frequent email response types. 

  • Provide rules on your email writing style. 

Prialto Engagement Managers take the time to understand your email writing tone and style. They then train your VA on how to write emails on your behalf.  They’ll help your VA practice filling in templates and follow guidelines by training them to write ten email responses for your review. 

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What Our Members Are Saying

Prialto Testimonial by Alex Kelly of CABN
Alex KellyCABN
"Prialto supports in ways that are beyond quantifiable metrics. There is seamless integration with our corporate culture as they respond to 100s of customer inquiries a week."
5 stars
Prialto Testimonial by Laura Mendelow of Mendelow Consulting
Laura MendelowMendelow Consulting
“My assistant is always accessible, is personable, professional and so responsive in getting tasks completed (and usually ahead of schedule). I would highly recommend working with the Prialto team!”
5 stars
Prialto Testimonial by Derek Popek of Zus Health
Derek PopekZus Health
"My assistant helps me with my email management, keeping my inbox up to date. She has created a set of email management rules, including a flagging system to ensure that I know the most important items in my inbox."
5 stars

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