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10 Mobile Tools Every Salesperson Needs to Have at their Fingertips

16 Jul, 2014 | Eric Taussig

Having the ability to work from anywhere while conducting your business is a big advantage in the sales world. Utilizing mobile applications makes your business more efficient and helps you to gain a leg up on the competition. Below are 10 mobile tools that every salesperson needs to have in their arsenal.

1. CRM – A Nucleus Research survey found that organizations that added mobile CRM capabilities for salespeople could see an verage productivity gain of 14.6%. By having the ability to review and update your CRM system on your mobile device, you ensure that the system is being updated in real-time with the most accurate information available, which increases your chances of making the sale. We particularly love Salesforce.com’s current mobile app, Salesforce!

2. Screen sharing – Need to give a presentation on the go? Screen sharing apps allow you to present your sales deck right from your tablet, allowing you to conduct a professional sales meeting from anywhere in the world, including the backseat of a car on your way to the airport for a business trip. The current generation of these apps, like Join.me, are a huge step-up from the old WebEx experience.

3. Navigation – Salespeople spend a lot of time on the road. Having a reliable navigation app is extremely important to ensure that you make it to all of your meetings on time, minus the stress that naturally stems from getting lost. When supporting salespeople driving to several customer sites in a day, we’ve found that the dynamic routing capabilities and CRM integration of Badger takes navigation for sales calls to the next level.

4. Note taking – Having the ability to save notes, both written and audio is very important for a sales rep. It’s the small details that are the most important when it comes to closing deals. Therefore, it’s key not to rely on your memory to keep track of them. To make sure you don’t forget to log these notes, have your assistant call you soon after a meeting and ask the key questions to ensure you log activity according to your own best practices.

5. Expense tracking – If you make sales calls outside of the office, it’s necessary to keep track of any business related expenses you incur. This includes mileage, airfare and meals that are reimbursable. Having a mobile app to record these expenses as they happen will save you time and a headache when it comes time to hand in your expense report. Your assistant who manages your calendar can easily tag the expenses to the right client account so that your expense reports get through finance without hindrance.

6. Cloud storage – Today, it’s imperative that you have access to your documents wherever you go. If you only have your presentation saved to your hard drive and that hard drive fails, you’re screwed. However, if it’s saved in the cloud, you always have the option of using another device to get the job done. Could storage makes it easy to collaborate with distant colleagues, as well.

7. Social Media – A study conducted by Jim Keenan of A Sales Guy Consulting showed that 78% of salespeople using social media outsell their peers. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have a mobile app that allows you to have the power of social selling at your fingertips. This way, you can take advantage of this tool during any downtime, like waiting in line for coffee or waiting for your flight to board at the airport.

8. Business Intelligence – According to CSO Insights, 42% of sales reps feel they do not have the right information before making a call. This problem is easy to solve with the use of a mobile business intelligence application that can provide loads of intel on your prospect prior to your meeting or if you already researched them at your desk, an app can provide a quick refresher right before you walk through the door. You can train your assistant to compile this information into nicely formatted reports for quick viewing on you mobile devise.

9. Email – If not kept in check, email can quickly get out of hand. Your best bet is to have an effective mobile app that allows you to manage email on the go. Managing email via a mobile app allows you to quickly make decisions about what to delete, reply to and read later.

10. To do list – The best way to increase productivity is to know what needs to be done next. Having a handy to do list app on your mobile device can keep you focused on your top priorities wherever you are.


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