9 Best Sales Podcasts To Listen To In 2021

By Deena Anreise | Updated: 01 Apr, 2021

In his Forbes article 6 Reasons Why Podcasting is the Future of Storytelling, Chris Giliberti states that "the podcast’s lithe ability to contort itself across myriad activities and settings, venturing where print and video cannot, is ultimately what cements its growth prospects.

Not just in our cars, commutes, and meanderings, but center stage in our living rooms and at entertainment venues." 

This is why podcasts are like smartphones: they contain a wide variety of tools in a small, portable package. But they beat smartphones in one key way: podcasts are free.

This is great news for sales professionals, because most sales trainings can be very cost prohibitive. Easily increase your sales productivity with these best sales podcasts.

9 Best Sales Podcasts for Sales Professionals

21% of Americans (ages 12+) have listened to a podcast in the past month. That's up from 17% in 2020.

Here's how to get in on the action: 

The Ultimate Sales Hustle

Steli Efti delivers sales hacks for startup hustlers, He leverages tactics, strategies, and sales stories from Silicon Valley's most prominent sales hustlers.

The accompanying blog features sales videos, articles, and extra materials related to each episode.

Listen to the The Ultimate Sales Hustle Podcast

The Social Selling Podcast

In this weekly podcast, Martin Brossman and Greg Hyer focus on the use of social media to drive sales engagements.

They discuss topics like sales enablement, lead generation, prospecting, inbound marketing, and sales/marketing alignment.

Listen to the The Social Selling Podcast

B2B Growth Podcast

Hosted by James Carbary of Sweet Fish Media, B2B Growth is a podcast dedicated to helping B2B executives achieve explosive growth.

Listen to the B2B Growth Podcast

The Sales Evangelist

Donald Kelly’s podcast has been recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post, Yahoo Finance, South Florida Business Journal and UpStart as a great place to get the education needed to overcome the most challenging obstacles faced by salespeople at every level of their careers.

Listen to the The Sales Evangelist Podcast

In The Arena

Anthony Iannarino hones in on the most current and powerful sales techniques and mindsets from the top authors, salesmen, sales managers, and experts in the fields of B2B and B2C sales to give you the edge you need to move your numbers and profit to the next level.

Listen to the In The Arena Podcast

The Growth Show

This is HubSpot’s business podcast for leaders consumed with driving growth, whether that’s growing a company, growing a movement, growing an idea, or growing a team. Each week, HubSpot sits down with someone who has achieved remarkable growth to unpack how they did it…and how you can, too.

Listen to the The Growth Show

Sales Hero Podcast

Joe Girard will expose you to cool stuff about psychology, behavior, and neuroscience that’ll help you create repeatable best practices and systems. He wants to help you build a bulletproof mindset that’ll prompt you to take action and do your best work.

Listen to the Sales Hero Podcast

Salesman Podcast

Will Barron's daily sales and selling podcast gives you actionable tips to close more business using social selling, LinkedIn, influence techniques, cold calling, spin selling, challenger sale, solution selling, advanced selling skills, b2b marketing, maverick selling method, sales prospecting, and more. Will interviews the world’s leading influence, body language, psychology, and sales experts to help you close more deals and make more money. 

Listen to the Salesman Podcast 

Accelerate Podcast

Andy Paul shares his powerful game-changing sales strategies and discusses how he’s built successful sales teams with companies, business owners, executives, and sales professionals in order to help transform the performance of you and your sales team. 

Listen to the Accelerate Podcast

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