How To Be A Great Member

By Dusti Arab | Updated: 15 Mar, 2018

When you found Prialto, it was probably because you were feeling overwhelmed by all of your tasks, right?

But if you’re like many of our clients, the only thing more overwhelming than trying to complete all of your tasks is the idea of trying to write down and document the processes that have up to this point only existed in your head.

We get it.

That’s why we want to make sure you understand the full managed service you get when you make Prialto a part of your team.

With success stories like how Jenny has become integral to Castlight Health and how Ron has become like family at Andela, we know it’s possible for your PA to become an invaluable part of your team - and with a small initial time investment on your part, we know you can get just as much out of the service.

In today’s post, we’re focusing on the exact steps you can take to make sure your engagement with Prialto is as productive as possible.

Remember, Prialto puts your processes first

The most successful Members are the ones who are committed to investing time into training their new Prialto team. Our assistants are here to run your processes for you, which is why we put so much focus in your onboarding call on documenting your most vital, repeatable tasks.  

Prialto PAs are trained to document and create the high-value, repeatable processes that will most serve this Member - you! This is crucially important to how we work, because if your PA is ever out sick, on vacation, etc., they have a dedicated backup assistant who can then easily step in and seamlessly provide coverage.

Think objective, not subjective

When it comes to the kinds of tasks Prialto PAs can handle, you want to start with  tasks that don’t require a judgment call on the part of your PA.

Many of our PAs are new to the world of executive assistance, and while we train them so they have the basic skills they need to be successful assistants, it often takes some time working with your PA before they begin to understand your workflow and anticipate your needs.

As such, you’ll want to focus on giving your PA tasks you’re currently handling that can be documented and passed off to someone else. We have a set of tasks we call our Core Processes that are especially good for this: Scheduling, Calendar Management, and Travel and Expense Management.

Your Productivity Assistant (PA) is great! But they are not a mind reader.

Everyone wants an assistant who is proactive. We get it - and that’s exactly why you need to overcommunicate in the beginning.  

You’re busy, and that’s probably a major factor in your decision to join Prialto. However, there is a learning curve between where you begin with a PA and what’s possible with a PA.

If you’re like most of our Members, you have years of experience in your industry and are well established in your career. While the opportunity to support someone so advanced is an exciting prospect for our PAs, it’s also intimidating - and it takes some time before they fully understand the language and nuances of working in your niche.

Here’s an example for scheduling:

You want your PA to handle scheduling - however, they don’t know who is and isn’t important to you yet! Give them extra context with scheduling requests by letting them know, “So-and-so is the president of my company and should always take priority on my calendar.”

If you want you PA scheduling prospect calls, perhaps you tell them, “Please schedule a 45 minute call for me with so-and-so. Additionally, all prospect calls should be 45 minutes.”

Remember, the more time you spend with your PA, the more they begin to understand  you and anticipate your needs. (And the more time you invest in the beginning, the more useful they will be down the line.)

Use Your Member feedback links - learning how to use the Prialto Daily Review (PDR)

Providing feedback to your new PA is key - and the fastest, easiest, and best way to give us feedback is by using the Prialto Daily Review.

By clicking a number and leaving a sentence or two of feedback, you help us help you. Don’t worry - the feedback doesn’t go to your PA - instead, it goes straight to management so we can help your PA deliver better service to you.

It only takes a second to click the link and let us know how we’re doing, and you’ll find it makes a significant difference in the service you receive as time goes on.

By giving us constructive critical feedback, you make sure your service improves, as well as improving service for our other Members.

Utilize your Engagement Manager (EM)

If you’re already using Prialto, you know we aren’t the lowest cost solution for a virtual assistant - and that’s for several vital reasons.

We’re a managed virtual assistant service, meaning that not only do you have your dedicated assistant working for you, you also have multiple layers of management who are working with your PA to make sure they are getting the support they need to be successful.

Your EM is your thought partner and account manager - and they are here to make sure you are thrilled with the level of service you receive. And that fact leads us straight into our next tip.


Don’t try to fix the problem yourself

Some of our Members think when their PA makes a mistake that they need to solve the problem themselves, and they don’t loop in their EM.

While giving your PA feedback is important, the best way to do this is by using the feedback links in your PDR or otherwise looping in your EM. They are just as much a part of the service as your assistant!

Especially early in your engagement with Prialto, things come up. Occasionally, there’s a language or cultural barrier. Maybe your PA doesn’t quite understand what you’re asking for. Maybe the PA is unfamiliar with the type of work you need done and requires additional training on the tool or process in question

That’s exactly what we are here for. Give us feedback, and let us handle the hard stuff.

When in doubt, clear communication and clear expectations are going to give you an advantage in leveraging the service fully, and we hope these tips help you do just that.